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FOR SALE: Stolen Score BMX |

FOR SALE: Stolen Score BMX |

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Garage cleaning / utility check
BMX with chrome steel frame. Bought for SEK 3588 in 2014 and almost never used.
20″ wheels, I think the largest that will fit me is 175cm. I cut some centimeters off the rear axle that was sticking out due to two broken ankles, I thought the pegs could still be put in, but I had no interest in it myself.
(Bought when I flexed the rear axle on a hybrid, it got away from the skateboarding rink and has had both racers and MTBs since.)


prize: 2000 SEK
Model year: 2013
measuring: big
boycott: Gutenberg
place: Gutenberg
published: 3 hours ago

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