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For sale: Scott Metrix 30 EQ

For sale: Scott Metrix 30 EQ

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Very well maintained example with 16 Shimano outboard gears (Claris) and hydraulic disc brakes. An intelligent, all-round hybrid from Scott equipped with 35 mm wide tires from Schwalbe for fast driving, vibration dampening on asphalt and safety on gravel. A brand new chain was installed and the brake pads and cassette are in very good condition.

The equivalent new bike today costs around SEK 13,636.
However, this size is sold at Scott.

The size XXL, according to the chart, fits people between 195-205cm tall, but I would say it works well for someone a little shorter too if you want a slightly more comfortable seating position. I could be helpful in this position and maybe change the steering stem because I work as a sales representative in a bike shop.

Available on Telefonplan for a test drive, hello!
Could possibly be sent for shipping cost.


prize: 7500 Swedish krona
Model year: 2021
measuring: X-large
boycott: Stockholm
place: Heger stone
Published: 1 hour ago

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