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For sale: JoyTrax SE2 Stroller with Bike (1-2 children)

For sale: JoyTrax SE2 Stroller with Bike (1-2 children)

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Bike trolley for 1-2 children, slightly older version but good functions (hanging leaves, storage, running wheels). I bought a new (not used) chapel. It can also be folded if it is to be transported eg. in a car.

The sad thing is that the side windows have turned brown and are probably not immediately visible, which could be a good or bad thing. 🙂 (See pictures.) ..and there are sneaky holes in one or two of the tires.

Available in Flåda (outside Gothenburg).

More photos can be sent if desired.

> Standard Disclaimer:
> If something seems too expensive, make a counter offer or just send me a message to tell me how wrong I was.
> I reserve the right to choose the buyer if there are multiple parties involved, I may consider keeping an item for down payment, maybe not otherwise.
> Face to face sales are preferred but shipping is usually possible if the buyer pays the shipping fee and pays in advance.
> Swish is preferred. Cash is also fine. Fancy beer can work too, it depends a bit.
> Email first and we'll pick up the phone later if you like.


prize: 500 Swedish Krona
boycott: Gutenberg
place: river
Published: 19 minutes ago

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