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Football Finland has tears of joy in its eyes – blink and see how the wall fell before our feet – sports –

Football Finland has tears of joy in its eyes – blink and see how the wall fell before our feet – sports –

Finland did not have a match to lose here. They had one last chance to win. Now the nation’s new heroes have fallen into each other’s arms, taking the rest of us to plateaus we never could reach. It’s beautiful and special here, as you can free decades of Finnish football’s misery. Here you can play EC.

It’s nice to see guys show emotion.

Paulus Araguri lay straight on the grass and cried, Lucas Hradecki roared and stretched his arms in the air, Tim Sparv threw himself into the arms of everyone who came his way and was taken to the royal throne.

The most experienced management team in European football hugged long and hard, and the players jumped in a huddle. Ready for the European Championship, ready for the qualifiers, historic.

Is this really happening?

I took a picture with my cell phone to be sure. There they are, all of them exactly.

After storming the field, which the Football Association did not want but knew was coming, a group of security guards surrounded the players in a semi-circle. There, the nation’s new champions fell into each other’s arms – an avatar of this unified national team like no other.

Abandon decades of football misery

When Marco Canerva started out as captain of the national team less than three years ago, he had empty hands. He clenched his fists, rolled up his sleeves and conjured an entire sporting nation all the way here.

For a moment “do you remember where you were?”. into something we could write sports stories about for decades.

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The journey of these players and this management staff could be written in the books – or yes, it has already been outlined and announced. They took us by the hand last fall and took us to plateaus we couldn’t reach before.

It’s beautiful and special here, as you can free decades of Finnish football’s misery. Football is also played here during the summer play-off seasons.

Finland stormed the gate

This was a big night for an entire generation of players. They had no game to lose here – Liechtenstein didn’t know how to win.

However, they had one last chance to win. We knew that patience, ball speed and penetrating power were needed to take the last step in this playoff.

Finland stormed in, going straight for the last doubts that popped up among the biggest pessimists and when Teemu Pukki scored the penalty to make it 2-0, the entire blue-and-white arena shook.

The final quarter was a pretty postcard that Finnish football was the sender of. The national team surged into the elite with the roar of the crowded arena as the background.

Now the Finnish footballer stands with tears in her eyes from joy and at the same time looks out the window facing the neighboring green football summer. Blink and see clearly. Finland is there, and Finland will play in a play-off.

The wall has fallen

These are new, little-known hunting grounds. We are already looking forward to that. Players will talk about it all winter and spring.

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They believed in this. Now they are tired and crying, eager to party and ready. They did it together, and this is without a doubt the best diploma Marco Canerva’s leadership can get this evening.

This team deserves all the love they are now being showered with from a completely blind and infatuated football crowd.

In the post-match press conference, Marco Canerva said he was proud of the players. He shares this sentiment with an entire nation.

They wrote history, watched the wall fall before their feet and took the Finnish soccer ball over the finish line. In the past we did not take this step, but now there is no doubt at all.

Today, the national team is crying with happiness. Tomorrow they go to Greece to finish the historic qualification for the European Championship. Then we start looking for hotel rooms for half of Europe.