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Follow the example of Östergötland with the TBE - Ekuriren . vaccine

Follow the example of Östergötland with the TBE – Ekuriren . vaccine

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Do you know yourself? If you’re unlucky, you suffer from TBE, a serious illness that can lead to lifelong side effects, comprehensive medical care and long-term sick leave. Every avoidable situation entails significant cost reductions for society. In addition to reducing the suffering of the victims. We want to do something about it.

Since 2018, the TBE vaccine has been free for children in Sürmland, thanks to the Left Party. We are very happy with this. Sürmland is now ready to take another step.

The impact of the epidemic on immunization readiness. In Sörmlands Nyheter, we read that from January to May 2020: “The region gave a total of 2,358 doses against TBE. During the same period this year, it was 1,737. Compared to previous years, there is a significant decrease: in 2019, 7,245 doses were given. And in 2018, about the same number. Altogether, that’s half of the doses given to adults and two-thirds less to children.”

The epidemic attracted many in the forest and on the ground. Warmer climates lead to increased prevalence. The coast of Sörmland and Mallardalen are among the high-risk areas in Sweden. Last year, 21 cases of tuberculosis were reported in Suermland, ranging in age from 11 to 60. 19 of these were not vaccinated against tuberculosis, while the others received only a single dose that did not provide protection against the disease.

Full protection means three vaccination occasions worth SEK 450 each for the first year and then renewal. It would obviously be a class problem when it comes to the possibility of protecting oneself from TBE. For a family with children, the cost of vaccination can exceed the entire vacation fund.

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In Östergötland, the left-wing party passed a free dose of TBE to all residents, Sörmland must follow. The Östergötland Regional Management Office estimates: “The total cost of TBE-induced meningitis was around SEK 7.3 million in 2019. The number of patients was 34 and the average cost per patient was about SEK 215,000.”

Vaccination against TBE in a high-risk area such as Sörmland should not be a matter of class. Full vaccination may not be feasible for those who live in financial vulnerability. We see, with Östergötland as an example, that our proposal could mean savings for taxpayers.

Based on the case of TBE in Sörmland, we made a proposal with the view that adults over 19 years of age who wish to have the TBE vaccine in Sörmland pay for the care visit but not for the vaccine doses and that vaccine visits for the TBE should be included in the protection high cost.

Investing in a subsidized TBE vaccine in Sörmland It is an investment in better public health and a better economy.

Lotta’s return
Leader of the Left Party group, the Suermland region

Tommy Vogelberg
Deputy Chairman of the Left Party Group Sürmland منطقة

Mahmoudi red
Ordinary member, left-wing party district Sörmland