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Foldable phones should come from, among others, Google and Xiaomi

Foldable phones should come from, among others, Google and Xiaomi

According to the South Korean publication TheElec, Google and Xiaomi as well as Vivo and Oppo will introduce smartphones with foldable screens this fall, and according to the information, Samsung Display will provide screens for all of them. The three phones are expected to be unveiled during the fourth quarter of this year.

Xiaomi already introduced a foldable phone earlier this year, the Mi Max Fold, but if the rumor is true, they’re already working on another model.

Rumors have long been circulating that Google is working on a foldable phone, and according to The Elec, the phone called Pixel Fold will have a 7.6-inch screen that folds inward.

The Vivo model is said to have an 8-inch primary screen as well as a 6.5-inch external display.

Oppo will also work on a foldable phone, but that will be delayed until 2022. Samsung is also said to be making its own screens, but Oppo has chosen to invest in a slightly different model with a “clamshell body” where the screen can be folded. 2 inches can be used when phones are folded.

It is also rumored that Samsung is planning to release two foldable phones this year.

Huawei is also rumored to introduce new foldable models, but unlike most others, they will not use screens from Samsung Display but will continue to use BOE screens just as they did with the Mate X and Mate X2.

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