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Fitbit and Will Smith team up to put health first

Fitbit and Will Smith team up to put health first

Actor, producer and musician Will Smith joins the Fitbit family as our newest ambassador[1] . As part of the strategic partnership, Fitbit and Will have teamed up to create exclusive content across social media, Fitbit Premium and the upcoming YouTube Originals documentary series “Best Shape of My Life.”

To help you rebuild and redefine your routine, Fitbit and Will Smith are collaborating to develop exclusive content at Fitbit Premium, which will include a variety of health and wellness programs focused on the physical and mental aspects of strength, which define better health today. Through video sessions with Will and his training team, Premium members can join this journey with training sessions, mindfulness sessions, and everything from HIIT and strength training to yoga and meditation.

The first session, which begins September 27, is designed to set the tone for your day with an inspiring, accessible workout with Will and his coach. Not only will he present content from his own journey, the sessions will also be created to fit your daily routine – anytime, anywhere. The program will expand in the coming months and join the library with over 500 cardio and mindfulness exercises already available to Premium members.

For more information, contact:
Lisa Hogkill, Strandberg Hedge
[email protected]

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Fitbit helps people live healthier, more active lives with data, inspiration and guidance so they can reach their goals more easily. Fitbit creates products and experiences that drive everyday health and exercise. Fitbit products are available for purchase at nearly 39,000 retailers in more than 100 countries. Fitbit’s innovative and versatile line of smartwatches includes smartwatches Fitbit Sense™ And Fitbit Versa™, activity bracelets Fitbit Charge 4™And Fitbit Inspire 2™ children’s watch Fitbit Ace 2™. The range also includes the smart scale Fitbit Aria Air.

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Fitbit provides personalized experiences, insights and guidance through leading software and interactive tools, such as Fitbit The app and Fitbit OS for smartwatches. Fitbit subscription service, Fitbit PremiumIt offers advanced insights and guidance in the Fitbit app to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Fitbit Premium + Health Training It offers virtual training with health experts as well as personalized plans based on your data. For companies there too Fitbit Health Solutions with special Designed software and health plans NS employees.

Fitbit Fitbits The logo is registered as a trademark FitbitAnd a company. In the United States and other countries. More information about trademark protection can be found at third slash Trademark Protection Belongs to special to owner.

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