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Fire in an apartment building in Skummeslövsstrand

Fire in an apartment building in Skummeslövsstrand

The alarm reached the rescue service at 17.33 and related to a fire in an apartment building in Skummeslövsstrand.

It’s a one-story villa with four apartments and a fire started in one of them, says Thomas Anderson, the rescue service’s in-house leader.

At first, it was feared that there were people left in the house and according to the police website, three people were registered at the address.

– It was a passerby who was summoned, so we suspected it. But we searched with smoke divers and did not find anyone in the house. There are no reports of injuries.

The apartment in which the fire broke out was completely burnt out and the fire also spread to the attic.

– We emptied the other three apartments of equipment because there was a danger of the fire spreading to them as well. But now the control is such that there is no longer any danger.

At the same time, Anderson says at 21.00 they will be working with the firefighting for several more hours and will be watching all night.

– There are no open flames now but there are glowing beds. We saw ceilings and floors to get to it, because it’s easy to catch fire again, he says.

The police prepared an arson report.

We do this because we don’t know how the fire started. It appears that residents have not returned home and we will conduct an investigation immediately in the coming days, says Stefan Gustafsson, a police spokesman.

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