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Finland imposes new restrictions – covid permits into lockdown

From today, December 28, Finland will place new restrictions in the country.

The restrictions mean, among other things, more distance education and shorter opening hours for bars.

In addition, the use of the Covid passport will be severely restricted.

Until Christmas Eve last week, most Finns could lead a relatively normal life if they had been vaccinated and had a Covid passport.

But with the high spread of infection, the country will now limit the use of Covid passports for three weeks, the Finnish government announced today. his website.

Omikron has changed the rules and vaccination certificates are no longer a safe protection, says Markku Tervahauta, Director General of the Institute of Health and Care, THL to dn.

– We don’t think it works to have some kind of intermediate situation where you have both restrictions and vaccination certificates at the same time. This meant that a person could have avoided following the restrictions in certain parts of the day if they had only provided a valid certificate so that they could not avoid following the restrictions in the evening.

The restriction will include gatherings where the government considers moderate or high community spread.

In practice, this will stop covid passes being used in, for example, bars, nightclubs and group events without seats. Even driving with more than 10 people and outdoor group events without fixed seats will be limited.

Bars may also not open longer than 6pm, with alcohol off after 5pm. Restaurants may open 2 hours more until 8pm, but then a covid pass is required.

600,000 pollinators

Despite the decision on passing Covid, the government believes that the third dose vaccination is necessary to overcome the high spread of infection. They also declared that it is important that the 600,000 unvaccinated adults in the country do so.

The restrictions also mean that more students will have to sit at home. This is because distance education will be a requirement for both colleges and universities until January 16, with the exception of necessary local education.

However, this decision does not apply to primary and secondary schools, which will continue to teach on-site.

Some Swedes are exempt from border control

Finland It will also re-impose the border controls of Schengen countries upon entry into the country. However, in this case, the Covid corridor is still used.

Because if you are going to the country, it is imperative that you are fully vaccinated or have a certificate that you have had covid-19 in the past 6 months, as well as a negative covid-19 test from the last 48 hours.

This applies to all those born in 2005 and later up to the end of the year and thereafter for all those born in 2006 and later. The decision is valid until January 16.

Finnish citizens, residents of the country, and people who travel to the country for the necessary reason are exempt from the rules.

Other rules also apply to people who live in certain border municipalities in Sweden and Norway.

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