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Finland defeated Denmark - Christian Eriksen in hospital, the situation is said to be stable

Finland defeated Denmark – Christian Eriksen in hospital, the situation is said to be stable

The match between Finland and Denmark was stopped after Denmark star Christian Eriksen fell on the field. The match resumed at 9.30 pm Finnish time, and ended in a 0-1 draw against Finland.

About 40 minutes into the match between Denmark and Finland, Danish star Christian Eriksen collapsed and lost consciousness.

Medical staff on site in the park performed CPR in Eriksen. Eriksen was rolled over on a stretcher.

The match was 0-0 when it happened.

The atmosphere in the park was scary for a while and people cried and hugged each other.

– He’s quiet now dead, HBL employee describes Tommy Bogola On site in the garden.

Eriksen received a ball to the left, fell straight and lost consciousness. Medical staff were immediately called and resuscitation attempts began.

What was going to be a soccer party has evolved into something completely different.

25 minutes after 7:00 local time, the spokesperson announced that Eriksen had been taken to hospital.

According to HBL sources, Eriksen was said to have acceded to the indictment when he was taken into an ambulance. A little later, it was confirmed that Eriksen had regained consciousness. The European Football Association (UEFA) confirmed that Eriksen has arrived in hospital and his condition is stable.

When the player announced Eriksen’s hospitalization, all 16,000 spectators got up and chanted “Eriksen, Eriksen” to show their support for him.

Shortly after 9pm, it was reported that the match would resume at 9:30pm.

DBU chief Peter Møller told DR that, according to Ritzau, the players spoke to Eriksen before the match resumed.

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We have contacted Christian and the players have spoken to him. He says he is fine.

Correction 13.6: In an earlier version of the article, it was wrong for Eriksen to have had heart problems before.