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Eight national teams have been trying long distances for the 2023 World Cup

Finland and Ola Lindgren continue to qualify for the World Cup


On Sunday, four World Cup qualifiers were played from the first qualifying round. In this, Finland won 38-22 (16-10) against Great Britain. The Ola Lindgren team advanced to the next qualifying round.

Finland prepares for the next qualifying round for the 2023 World Cup in March. Our neighbors did so after the planned defeat of Great Britain in Wanda in the third and final group match in three days. Finnish debutant Victor Kronmark played a key role in this competition, writes Finnish Hufvudstadsbladet.

Finland beat second-placed Estonia by 5 points to advance from Group 2, also ahead of third-placed Georgia.

– This is definitely a team that can grow. Now it is up to us to create this. In January, two tough matches await against Georgia, after which we will see who will be on the team, Ola Lindgren tells HuffwoodStatsPlate.

Estonia also advanced when they beat Georgia in the final and decisive match. Also in Group 1, Greece beat Belgium and Kosovo in the opening group final against Turkey. In Group 1, there is one more round to take place on January 5th.

Greece – Turkey 24-20 (10-9)
United Kingdom – Finland 22-38 (10-16)
Estonia – Georgia 31-27 (15-16)
Kosovo – Belgium 28-28 (14-12)

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