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Find scary types of mosquitoes in Sweden

Find scary types of mosquitoes in Sweden

Asian tiger mosquito. Photo: Anders Lindström/SVA

The Asian tiger mosquito, which can carry scary viruses, has been found in Sweden. And I managed to get here with the help of some returnees from Spain.

They brought plants with them and when they were put in the water, the larvae were discovered and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, SVA, was contacted.

– A tiger mosquito has already been seen somewhere in Germany. It was a bit unexpected for those who came here as baggage on a plane, otherwise they’re often littered with trucks, campers, and the like. My assessment is that all individuals have been collected and therefore there is no risk of further spread this time around. But it may only be a matter of time before he settles in Sweden, says Anders Lindström, a mosquito expert at the SVA in press release.

During the summer, SVA ran a mosquito trap project in Skåne. The traps were set up in cooperation with the municipalities of Malmö, Trelleborg and Helsingborg, and were placed in places where foreign trucks congregate.

Anders Lindstrom, SVA.

– Tiger mosquitoes are known to be able to spread viruses like dengue, chikungunya, and Zika. However, a very high population density is usually required in order to see any spread of infection. Mosquitoes do not contract the virus automatically, but they must first bite an infected person. Anders Lindström says that if he doesn’t have the misfortune to have viruses with him when he arrives, then he can only spread the viruses in the area where he lives.

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