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Film review: with a hidden camera in an Aged Spy nursing home

Film review: with a hidden camera in an Aged Spy nursing home

Swedish address He’s likely referring to Bond Beloved Spy, which is a fitting and trashy movie, but at the same time a bit risky in our ancient society where a word like “old people” is as satisfying to an audience as “atherosclerosis” or “walker.”

Which, of course, made the video a sensation overnight. Yes, pedestrians, but the elderly right to a decent life. From the introductory quote about the difficulty of getting a job: “They don’t like old people” to the harsh decision.

But we’re getting right at first, as the private detective company hires an 83-year-old named Sergio as the loser at a San Francisco nursing home outside of Santiago. Equipped with spy glasses and a small camera, he will, on behalf of the company customer, check out how the property deals with the client’s old mother, Sonya.

Sergio sucks quickly In the pasture, as a new widow, he needs something to dispel ideas about where to stay is welcomed with open arms and soon arrives at the favored position among all the lonely old ladies. His name is Don Sergius – Yeah, he’s even crowned King of San Francisco.

Sergio’s documents, shaken by their digital tools, represent only a fraction of the film we see, and most of it was shot with a still camera whose images refer to feature films rather than documentaries. The building is not entirely clear, but it looks as though director Mighty Bardi and his team are pretending to make a documentary about the property, while Sergio acts as a cover agent.

The tone is frosty As Woody Allen’s soundtrack and humor well tuned; The funniest scenes are scenes in which the person in charge of Sergio’s detective contact sighs in frustration when he receives reports about what the elderly ate for lunch rather than compromising the movie clips with the offense. In other words, it’s not an important Latin review, rather, it feels good with the hidden camera features.

But at the same time, there is a slightly bitter idea: Is it a documentary we’re seeing, or a dramatic representation of something that happened? Sure, all the documentaries are arranged, in one form or another, but here the line between what is clearly shown and what is supposed to be real is more subtle.
Is the entire population implicated in what is happening, or should their exposure be seen as a victim of the larger context? Conquering their private lives is a huge deal on the one hand, and on the other hand, the movie is so haircut and friendly that no one gets to comment in a serious way.

The initials of Don Sergius The commitment fades, he cares less about his “subject” Sonia and more about the well-being of the entire population. It loses focus and the same can be said of Aged Spy, which, however, has a fundamentally likable human tone, and its purpose is undoubtedly good: as a reminder that even those who wander in the fog of dementia, or are too old to cope with itself Rather, it should be treated with respect, not the least of which is showing how loneliness consumes a person.

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It may seem obvious – but when was the last time you visited your old mom?

It premieres on Svt on April 1. Also available to watch on Svt Play from March 28.