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FIFA wants more money from EA.  Maybe that's why they want to change their name

FIFA wants more money from EA. Maybe that’s why they want to change their name

Last week, there were rumors that EA might change the name of the hugely popular game series FIFA. What name will be unclear instead, but EA has trademarked the name EA Sports FC, which suggests that this could be the new name.

There is now a new report on this which may be the reason why EA chose to change the name of perhaps the most famous game. The report, which came from the New York Times, says FIFA wants to get more than double the amount authorized from EA if they want to continue using the game’s FIFA name.

According to the report, EA’s current agreement with FIFA will expire in 2022 and FIFA is said to want to increase the license cost to more than $1 billion every four years. Obviously, the parties don’t agree on other things either because EA also wants to use the license for things like tournaments and digital products like NFT. This is something FIFA is not very keen on because they want to do such things themselves.

For many, FIFA is more synonymous with the series of games than the organization itself, so there must really be disagreement between the parties if EA wants to release the name. However, EA’s relationship with FIFPro, which gives them the right to use the names and appearances of thousands of footballers, is still good as they recently signed a new agreement with this organization.