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kvinna går med påse i handen i butik och bild på man utanför butik med telefon i handen

Fears among journalists as calm is now restored in Kazakhstan – News (Echo)

Gulnara Pazkinova, editor-in-chief of the news site He was always in the middle of drama in the largest city of Kazakhstan, Almaty. Now, she says, life is starting to return. Shops and cafes opened, and the Internet was launched again. She herself is very tired.

Since the troubles started Its editorial staff continued day and night via social media to provide the outside world with information about what was happening in Kazakhstan.

What began as peaceful protests against rising fuel prices and calls for democratic reforms quickly turned violent with occupied and burnt down official buildings in Almaty.

Most of them, says Gulnara Pazkinova, say that the perpetrators were connected to the clan of former president Nursultan Nazarbayev. A power struggle against the current president, Kassim Zumart Tokayev. It is also the official version that a coup was averted. The former prime minister and head of the intelligence service were recently arrested on charges of treason.

President Tokajiv’s men It also targeted the free media and claimed to have set fire to the riots. And although the Internet is back up and running again, the Gulnara Bazhkenova news site is still down.

President Almaty visited yesterday to meet the relatives of the soldiers and policemen who were killed. And Gulnara Pazkinova says that the civilian victims, numbering more than a hundred people, did not receive any attention.

“Why? We are all citizens.”

People are still searching for their missing relatives without information about what happened to them. If they are caught or die.

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