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Fear of Russian oligarchs Roman Abramovich asks friends for money

Sanctions hit Russian oligarchy hard.

London’s ATMs were emptied of panic, forcing Roman Abramovich to borrow from friends.

– I do not understand how we should survive, says Bank Director Peter Aven.

Oil billionaire and former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich55, has lost most of its wealth following the imposition of sanctions on the UK and EU.

Unable to sell homes, luxury boats and private projects – and cost employees 7.7 million SEK a week – the situation is so bad that Abramovich is forced to borrow money from his friends, reports Daily Mail.

The newspaper reports that both Hollywood producer Brett Ratner and members of the Rhodeschild family have received requests for a loan of SEK 9 million each. Abramovich denies the allegations.

Abolished private driver

A close friend of the oligarchy, the director of one of Russia’s largest banks, found himself in a “difficult situation” after sanctions hit him.

In the days before SEK 4.5 billion’s fortune was frozen, according to the Daily Mail, his wife looked around to withdraw as much money as she could at London’s ATMs.

The 67-year-old, who does not have a driver’s license, has since renounced his private driving license.

– I’m not driving … maybe my stepmother will drive. “We do not understand how we will survive,” he said in March.

Petr Aven is a director of one of Russia’s largest banks. Now he has trouble getting around – he has lost his personal driver: “We do not understand how we can survive.”
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He was placed under house arrest in the villa for 799 million

Aven’s business partner Mikhail Fridman has also expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation.

Russian banking and energy billionaire was one of the first to privatize state assets after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Along with Aven, he confirmed Boris Yeltsin’s re-election in 1996, which led to the two gaining influence in the Kremlin.

Assets worth SEK 146 billion are now frozen – and life in north London is not what it used to be.

– I can not even pay at a restaurant. I have to eat at home and am practically under house arrest, he says.

The house is priced at SEK 799 million and in addition to the casual amenities, Friedman can access an underground pool, a wine cellar and a cigar room.

– The authorities in the UK have to pay me a sum so I can go in a taxi and buy food, but it will be a very small sum in terms of the cost of living in London, he says.

These are difficult times. Banking and energy billionaire Michael Friedman is so hard-pressed and forced to eat home-made.