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Fashion icon Gudrun Shodan has been charged with misconduct

Fashion icon Gudrun Shodan has been charged with misconduct

Clothing brand Gudrun Sjödén is one of Sweden’s largest fashion exporters, with sales of SEK 870 million, after H&M. Clothing is sold in more than 70 countries today, and they have their own stores in seven different countries, including the United States, Great Britain, Germany and the Nordic countries.

Expressen’s review of the company’s management duo: Founder and Vice President Gudrun Sjödén and CEO Ann Adelsson.

Employees interviewed testify on several occasions when Gudrun Sjödén allegedly commented on the employee’s appearance and expressed himself in a racist manner.

Among other things, Sjödén turned to a middle manager and said: “I can not read your face because you are black. You can try to have clear facial expressions”.

– That’s right, I said. I think it’s hard to read dark men, it’s not as clear as reading a normal Swedish, says Goodran Sjotan when asked about the Express incident.


Goran Sandstrom was one of those who witnessed serious deficiencies in the work environment. Between 2017 and 2019, he served as HR Manager at Gudrun Sjödén Design AB.

– Gudrun Sjödén’s head office was the workplace with the worst psychological social work environment in my time. He tells The Express that bullying, abuse, harassment and threats took place on a daily basis.

Another longtime employee, Goodran Sjodan, talks about how he commented on the bodies of his employees.

– You may be called fat by Goodran or you may ask “I’m lucky I made this dress so big”.

Sjödén confirms what he said about the appearance of the staff.

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– If you work with clothes, you say, “Yes, you’re very angular, you have such a small bust,” and of course, this is part of trying to create a good size outfit that fits many people. “I do not find this strange,” he says in the newspaper.

Rejects derogatory statements

Other evidence suggests that the fashion manager used the N-word, calling the Chinese “tjing-tjong people” and insulting the poles.

Sjödén, however, denies that he would have spoken disparagingly of other nations and used the n-word.

– I totally don’t recognize it, she says.

Kulturnyheterna contacted Gudrun Sjödén through Communications Manager Christel Blomberg – who declined an interview.