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Far-right interlocutor Zemmour wants to become president of France

Far-right interlocutor Zemmour wants to become president of France

And the far-right theorist Eric Zemmour is now officially entering the fray to become France’s president.

The 63-year-old announced in an email to his followers that he is now doing what everyone expected several months ago.

“I have decided to To take our fate into my own hands. It is no longer a question of reforming France, but of saving it. I have decided to run for the presidential elections,” Zemmour wrote, according to Le Figaro newspaper.

Zamour is a journalist, writer, interviewer, and perhaps above all a provocateur. For several years he appeared frequently on television, including on his own debate program on the Paris Première TV channel, not least discussing immigration, racism, feminism and Frenchism.

He was fined in 2011 for a discussion statement about immigrants and wrote several times about other initiatives.

Zamour verbs have It led to comparisons with former US President Donald Trump. In the early fall, he also climbed quickly in the opinion polls ahead of the presidential election – although he lost again recently, after a number of fierce criticism.

When he now officially enters the game, it happens at the same time that the right-wing Republican Party (LR) is preparing to nominate its candidate for the presidential election. A vote on membership through Saturday will determine who the party pins its hopes on, primarily by former European Union commissioner Michel Barnier, regional leaders Xavier Bernard and Valérie Pecres and Member of Parliament Eric Cioti.

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