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Extreme heat continues around the Mediterranean - DN.SE

Extreme heat continues around the Mediterranean – DN.SE

In both Greece and Spain, temperatures were measured above 41 degrees on Friday. The temperature in Crete was at least 35.2 degrees all night, SVT . Reports.

It is also very hot in Italy, Turkey and the Balkans in many places.

According to Lenny Ren, a meteorologist at SMHI, temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees are not uncommon in southern Europe during July and August.

“You always get a period with such heat, but now it’s been on for a long time, and then you’re talking about extreme heat,” she says.

In addition to drought and forest firesAnd As reported in several places in EuropeExtreme heat poses health risks. Not least the elderly, children and people with underlying diseases.

“It stresses the body as it heats up for a long time, especially when there is no cold at night,” says Lenny Ren.

There is a high risk that you will not get enough fluids.

It’s something you don’t always feel like, says Linnea Ren.

In Sweden, Category 1, the SMHI warns if it has been warmer than 30 degrees for more than five consecutive days.

And temperatures in southern Europe do not appear to be falling.

It looks like the heat will continue next week, with a focus around the Mediterranean, says Linea Ren.

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