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Experts: keto is the worst diet

Experts: keto is the worst diet

The keto diet is simply about eating too few carbohydrates to get the body into ketosis – a state in which the body goes into starvation mode.

From a weight loss perspective, the keto diet is very effective, but the question is how healthy is the diet actually?

Ketogenic diet – the least healthy

Each year, an expert panel, made up of health and nutrition experts, ranks the world’s best diets US news and world reports invoice.

Factors that are included include how healthy the diet is, how effective it is in the short and long term, and how easy it is to follow.

According to the site popsugar Keto ends up at the bottom of almost all categories, except for “short-term weight loss,” where it ends up in fifth place. It is also referred to as the least healthy of all the diets. This is partly due to the high amount of saturated fat and partly because it contains very little calcium and fiber.

Mediterranean diet is the best

As usual, the Mediterranean diet is the one that takes first place when all the categories are weighed together. The diet gets high marks for reducing red meat, sugar, and saturated fat without being too restrictive.

“It is flexible, tasty, filling and can be linked to reduced risk of chronic disease. It is more about what we should eat and not about following a list of rules,” the experts wrote in the report.

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Here are the top five

Mediterranean diet

dash diet

Diet for Flexitar Practitioners

mind diet

Dieten at Mayo Clinic