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Expensive version of F1 22 on PC is not playable yet

Expensive version of F1 22 on PC is not playable yet

It should have been launched this morning.

Update (15:45):
The server update is now complete and we hope the game works on all platforms.

Update (14.50):
The server update started at 2.30pm and is expected to last for about an hour. If all goes as planned, the game can be played at 15.30.

Original news:
There are sad faces in the people who paid extra money to play F1 22 on Steam earlier. The game’s premiere takes place on Friday, but the more expensive Champions Edition at SEK 200 gives a three-day fast start. It premiered at 8 this morning, but it hasn’t been released on Steam yet. There is also Reports About the Origin issue and also about suspended EA accounts.

At 10 AM, EA confirmed that there was an issue with the Steam version and that they were working on it. Information should come as soon as you have something to say, but you still have There are no new messages Come.

The Playstation and Xbox versions seem to work.

Just getting early access to the game is what matters with the Champions Edition. Other than that, you’ll get most of the cosmetic stuff and a bunch of extra coins for an extra two hundred of the cost of the more expensive version. And then, of course, it hurts not to be able to play in the promised time, regardless of whether the responsibility for the problem lies with EA, Steam, Codemasters, or someone else. Maybe it is better to wait until it is released in the usual way..?

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accept FZ F1 22 Yesterday, we were very happy with it.