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Every quarter are Swedish pirates

Every quarter are Swedish pirates

With the proliferation of streaming services for music, movies and TV shows, piracy has seen a steady decline over several years. Now a recent report from Mediavision shows that there is a change in trend – compared to the previous year, the use of illegal streaming and piracy services is increasing in all Nordic countries.

For 2023, Sweden will increase significantly. Overall, the figure reaches 25 percent, an increase of 5 percentage points over the previous year. They are divided into age groups, mainly highlighting young people between the ages of 14 and 25 years. There, 53 percent said they download or stream movies and TV series illegally.

These figures are based on statistics collected annually since 2010 through online surveys. In Sweden, the number reached its highest levels in 2015, when 32% of Swedes reported that they downloaded entertainment material in a less legal way.

Research on password sharers may increase next year’s numbers

It’s not exactly clear what’s behind the increase this year, but one theory is that more people are opting out as a result of a more stressful financial situation. According to analysts at Mediavision, they do not see any trend in households to save on movie or streaming services, on the contrary, they are spending almost the same amount as before.

If they start going after those who share passwords on a wide front and the cost becomes too high, there is a high risk that this will lead to an increase in illegal consumption, especially if there are other players following Netflix. – Natalia Borelius, Analyst at Mediavision

By next year, Netflix’s search for password sharers is expected to yield even greater results. Since a few weeks ago, Sweden was also included in the service’s new rules, where anyone who wants to share their Netflix account with users outside their household must pay an additional 49 SEK per person per month. If more services become widespread and costs rise, more people are likely to turn to illegal services.

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