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Every fourth person who attended mass vaccination was under 50 years old

Every fourth person who attended mass vaccination was under 50 years old

Due to a shortage of a vaccine received Mass vaccination started in Scandinavia A tough start this week. The yard has been converted into a huge vaccination center with a capacity of 10,000 people per week, but since they received 1,170 doses this week, only a little over one-tenth of the maximum number in the arena has been possible.

According to Henrietta Arwen, Närhälsan’s primary care director, one of those in charge of vaccination in Scandinavia, their health centers had received numerous calls from angry and disappointed people who were unable to get any time.

Who are successful in this To register for the vaccination on Wednesday, it also turned out that a quarter of them were under the age of 50, despite the age limit in effect in the Västra Götaland region so far.

District vaccination coordinator Christine Regie is fiercely critical of the fact that many have taken command in the queue.

– It should not be forgotten that we have a deficiency in the vaccine and that we are fed according to age. Plus, it takes time for healthcare professionals who need to eliminate people, who should understand that they shouldn’t be there. I understand everyone wants a vaccine, but that is not the case for everyone now.

Of the 342 people vaccinated in Scandinavia on Wednesday, 85 were under the age of 50, as the reservation system lacked a barrier, a technical problem that must now be rectified. Maria Winther writes about the district press service in an email to DN:

“The measures taken now for the Scandinavian countries are that at the moment there is a ban on booking as long as only more than 50 people are allowed to book.”

The reservation issue should be resolved now and only people 50 years of age or older should be able to book an appointment.

Photo: Veronika Ljung-Nielsen

The 1177 serves as a collection page for booking vaccinations, but then caregivers can use different reservation systems. Rygge explains that a technical bug that affected the Närhälsan reservation link does not mean it has become the same for other booking links.

Employees must manually remove all so-called unauthorized and reserving the vaccination period. This was also done before the vaccination on Wednesday in Scandinavia, but 85 people did not succeed. It’s unclear how many people under the age of 50 have actually attempted to book an appointment.

If it becomes relevant in the future To open the appointment for younger at-risk groups in parallel to older age groups, the barrier must be removed again.

I cannot answer exactly what it will be like today, but when we abandon groups at risk, we will have other censorship problems in addition to age. But we want booking an appointment to be as easy as possible and this assumes that you respect the rules we have and do not book someone else’s time. Reggie says I feel most people respect that.

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