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European Union leaders condemn the activities of Belarus

European Union leaders condemn the activities of Belarus

The European Council, meeting at an extraordinary meeting in Brussels on May 24 and 25, clearly condemned the actions of Belarus on Sunday. Ryanair, en route from Athens to Vilnius, was forced to land in Minsk, and opposition activist and journalist Roman Protasevich was arrested.

“We believe that the actions of Belarus are completely unusual and unacceptable. Belarus must be released immediately.” Roman Protasivate, His girlfriend Sophia Sabega And other political prisoners. “We must support civil society in Belarus and reinforce the belief that democracy will prevail in the end,” the prime minister said. Sana Marin.

The European Council instructed the Council of Ministers to prepare new sanctions as soon as possible. The Cabinet is also required to prepare a ban on Belarusian airlines using EU airspace and airports. The European Council calls on the International Civil Aviation Organization to investigate the case without delay and calls on European airlines to avoid flying over Belarus.

Since the last presidential elections in Belarus, the European Union has already imposed sanctions on three occasions. Penalties apply to both individuals and units. Preparation for the fourth sentence began even before the events of Sunday.

As planned, the European Council held a strategic debate on Russia. European Union leaders condemned the illegal and provocative Russian actions against the Union and its member states. The European Council reaffirmed the unity and solidarity of the Union, as well as its support for the eastern partners of the European Union. The European Council also outlined five principles for EU policy on Russia and requested the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to present a report on the relationship between the European Union and Russia at the EU summit in June.

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On the first day of the meeting, the European Council also discussed the EU’s relations with the UK after the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement entered into force in early May. The meeting also expressed satisfaction with the ceasefire in the Middle East.

more information: Yari Lotto, Deputy Minister of State for the Prime Minister for European Affairs, Tel: +358 50468 5949, Tollia Petkanen, Special Officer (European Union Affairs), tel: +358 95160231, and Ann Sieuholme, Head of Communications for European Union Affairs, phone +358 40 537 0733, office Prime Minister