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European Sprint Steering Championships 2023: TV times and Swedish forces

European Sprint Steering Championships 2023: TV times and Swedish forces

This is how the SVT channel broadcasts from SPRINT EM in the 2023 directive

Wednesday 4 October

14.30 – 17.00 SVT1/Play. Individual race in Verona

Friday 6 October

15.30 – 17.00 SVT1/PLAY. Enemy tracking in Soave

Sunday 8 October

14.00 – 16.00 SVT1/Play. Sprint Knockout (KO) in Vicenza

Jacob Hard comments with expert Mats Truing.

What are the competitions for Sweden?


Tove Alexandersson (singles, knockout)
Emma Biggismo (single, Knockout reserve)
Sarah Hagstrom (singles, knockout)
Tilda Johansson (knockout, The first reserve individual)
Hanna Lundberg (singles and knockout)
Caroline Olsson (singles, knockout)
Lena Strand (singles, knockout)
Josefine Tjernlund (singles, knockout)
Velma von Krusenstierna (single and knockout)
Tilda Östberg (singles, knockout)

Ellen Manson (individual)
Alpha Sonesson (singles and knockout)
*Andrea Svensson (1st reserve knockout)


Oscar Andreen (individual, Knockout reserve)
Max Peter Bijmer (singles and knockout)
Gustav Bergmann (singles and knockout)
Jonathan Gustafsson (singles and knockout)
Axel Granqvist (singles and knockout)
Auguste Moulin (singles and knockout)
Martin Regbourne (singles and knockout)
Emil Svensk (singles and knockout)
Itzhak von Krusenstierna (singles and knockout)


Anton Johansson (1st reserve knockout and singles)
Jerker Liesel (singles and knockout)
*Gustave Ronfors (first reserve individual)

*On-site reservation

What kind of terrain awaits you in the 2023 SPRINT EM?

A mixture of narrow lanes and parks in old Italian towns and villages. Fairly flat in the individual races and somewhat hilly in the relays.

Who are the favorites for Sprint EM 2023?

On the women’s side, Sweden has five riders who are in the top ten in the world sprint rankings. Tove Alexandersson is ahead of Simona Aebersold, Switzerland, and Megan Carter-Davies, Great Britain. Four Swedish women are ranked seventh to tenth, Hanna Lundberg, Lena Strand, Sarah Hagström and Caroline Olsson, so the Swedish runners are undoubtedly among the EC favourites.

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Sweden is not in a good position in terms of men. Gustav Bergmann is considered the best, as he ranked sixth in the ranking, followed by Martin Riegborn in seventh place. Matthias Kiebors from Switzerland topped the list, ahead of Norwegian Casper Harlem Vosser and Tim Robertson from New Zealand.

How did things go for Sweden in the last European Championship?

Sweden performed well at the European Championships in Switzerland in May 2021. Tove Alexandersson and Emil Svensk both won gold in the sprint. Toffey also won the knockout race while the Swedish men did not reach the final. Add to that a Swedish silver in the mixed relay.

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