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Estonia's filmmakers have been named "disillusioner of the year".  He shares the award with the Great Journalist Award jury

Estonia’s filmmakers have been named “disillusioner of the year”. He shares the award with the Great Journalist Award jury

Vetenskap och Folkbildning (FoV), an association for critical thinking and anti-pseudoscience, has again nominated this year’s Folkbildare Prize and Disinformant of the Year.

This year’s 2021 Prankster, an award given to a person who voluntarily or through gross negligence has contributed to creating confusion and uncertainty about the methods and results of science, is between documentary filmmaker Henrik Evertson and the jury for the Great Journalist Award.

Henrik Evertsson received the award for his documentary about the sinking of Estonia according to FoV “The arguments and tricks of conspiracy theory have reinforced questioning the official explanation for one of our country’s greatest tragedies.” The Stora Journalistpriset jury shares the award with Evertsson after awarding his documentary Estonia – the discovery that changes everything With the Great Journalist Award. FoV thinks the jury notably broke the source’s criticism when it rewarded the film with the award.

The 2021 Folkbildare Prize, an award given to someone who has contributed to the long-term hard work of making science’s methods and results known to a larger audience, is shared between Maria Ahlsén, Jessica Norrbom and Jacob Gudiol.

Ahlsén and Norrbom are Folkbildare of the year for their work with writers and podcasts healthy without flume. Gudiol has received the award for his many efforts in educating the public on issues of exercise theory via blogs, podcasts, and discussions on social media.

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