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Error in relaying Ibba Bush’s statement about Islamists – Swedish Radio Blog

In recent days, attention has been drawn to the inaccuracies in Swedish radio reports about Ibba Bosch’s statement in ikout interview on saturday Recently.

In a Swedish radio follow-up feature, Arabic and related posts were shared on Facebook Islamistsr translated by word Muslims. On Thursday, Doku magazine reported a similar error in one of the Somali Radio Sweden’s broadcasts. A separate review by Radio Sveriges shows that the bugs were also in a running script published by Radio Sweden Kurdiska. In the same passage, however, the correct word was used.

We are now taking seriously the fact that the same type of error is now found in several Swedish Radio publications regarding the same news, and we regret that the statement was presented in a wrong way. We’ll review what happened and what needs to be done to prevent it from happening again.

All our journalism must be impartial and factual. If we publish errors, we must correct them, which we have now also done. In addition, we have added text that has been corrected to let everyone who reads it know that previous versions contain errors.

Gabi Katz, Editor-in-Chief of Radio Sweden

Claes Wolf-Watz, CEO and Responsible Publisher ECOTE

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