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Epic offered Sony $ 200 million for Playstation exclusives

Epic offered Sony $ 200 million for Playstation exclusives

But we don’t know if there is an agreement.

Another day, another document from the conflict between Apple and Epic was leaked. We were previously told, among other things, what Epic got pr√∂jsa to Borderland 3Exclusive time and how much they spent on many of them free games. This time, the document is about Epic’s approaches to console giants, and it was uploaded by mistake above Of the attorneys involved before removing it.

The document states, among other things, that Epic at one point offered Sony $ 200 million – equivalent to 1.65 billion Swedish kronor – for the 4-6 release of its first-party-developed titles on the Epic Games Store. However, the document appears to have been written before any decision has been taken as one of the points states “Awaiting Comments”. However, if any agreement is reached, we can say with certainty that it did not include it Horizon Zero Dawn or Days passed, Because it was released / will also be released to Steam.

Moreover, the document states that Epic has opened talks with Microsoft, but their Game Pass manager does not like what Epic is doing. She also says that they are competing with them over content and that Xbox chief Phil Spencer occasionally meets up with Valve CEO Gabe Newell.

It all ends with Nintendo, which Epic says it hasn’t contacted yet and whose story basically rules out that it will agree to collaborate.