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England had to fight to beat Haiti in World Cup premiere – Sports –

England had to fight to beat Haiti in World Cup premiere – Sports –

Last summer, England won the gold medal in the European Football Championship. This year's tournament started with England winning as Haiti provided the opposition in the first group stage match, but the performance was by no means convincing.

Last summer's European champions, England, began their FIFA World Cup journey with a win over Haiti. England had to fight for the three points and the match was more exciting than expected.

It was not a convincing match for England, which is ranked fourth in the world, and Haiti had many good opportunities.

After 29 minutes of play, England were awarded a penalty for a hand foul. Haiti goalkeeper Kerli Theus made the save but the referees thought she moved too early from the goal line so the penalty had to be taken again.

Georgia Stanway was able to take advantage and safely score 1-0 against England.

After the end of the first half, Haiti's match was tough on the field and the team had several chances to equalize.

The English women had plenty of possession but real scoring opportunities did not materialize and Haiti's fast attacking style caused concern in the England defence.

The equalizer was close in the 81st minute, but England goalkeeper Mary Earps saved the situation.

But there were no more goals in the match and England took three points.

Group Four continues with the England-Denmark and China-Haiti matches on Friday, July 28.

Class difference when Japan faced Zambia

2011 World Cup champions Japan were convincing in their opening match of the tournament. Opponents Zambia had to keep up with Japan who were playing well.

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Japan started strongly and had several good chances at the beginning of the match and scored the ball into the net in the 21st minute. However, after a VAR review, the goal was disallowed.

It took until the 43rd minute before the opening goal of the match came. Hinata Miyazawa gave Japan a 1-0 lead before halftime.

In the second half, Japan failed to score goals, as the team took the lead 4-0 in the 71st minute. The final score was 5-0 after Riku Ueki scored a penalty kick in extra time.

The next matches in Group C will be played on Wednesday 26 July. Japan will play against Costa Rica, while Zambia will face Spain.