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EC gold for Tove Alexandersson in the knockout race

EC gold for Tove Alexandersson in the knockout race

On Wednesday, Sarah Hagstrom captured a surprise EU gold medal in the women’s sprint during the EU orienteering in Italy. This was followed by another gold in the mixed relay last Friday.

Sunday afternoon, it’s time for the finals of the Knockout Race. Three Swedes – Tove Alexandersson, Hanna Lundberg and Sarah Hagström – stood on the starting line to collect medals.

Alexandersson: “I like to have everything in your hands”

Tove Alexandersson, hungry for revenge after the race, took the lead early and before the Swede pulled away from third control. The star did not give up after that, despite choosing the less successful route in the middle of the race with a time of 6:38.6, three and a half seconds behind Elena Ross.

After the semi-finals, Alexandersson criticized the course and competition format, which she continued to emphasize after the gold medal:

– I still can’t give up that there are a lot of things you can’t influence in yourself. I love when you have everything in your hands. It can get messy, but I try to run the races so I avoid as many risks as possible, Alexandersson tells SVT Sport.

“I feel so strong”

The 31-year-old showed great form throughout the tournament, which she felt for herself during today’s final.

– I feel very strong physically, and it was very easy to run. I didn’t choose the perfect route all the time, but physically it felt very easy. I feel good so it’s fun.

Hanna Lundberg finished fourth, twelve seconds behind Alexandersson, and Sarah Hagstrom ran in fifth.

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