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EA disclaims information about Battlefield 2042's minimum team

EA disclaims information about Battlefield 2042’s minimum team

They allegedly want to finish the game “as soon as possible and at the lowest possible cost”.

Today it happens Battlefield 2042Season 1 players with new content. Season One: Zero Hour It’s called, and it consists of a track, two vehicles, two weapons, a special and a little more. Not enough after seven months of waiting, many angry gamers say in the comments section.

Now journalist Jeff Grob claims that the game’s development team has been reduced to a minimum. In the video podcast Grubbsnax He says That Dice is trying to finish the other four updates of content BF2042 They also promised “as soon as possible and at the lowest possible cost” and that the team would be reduced to a “skeleton crew” to free up resources for the next time. battlefield-Game. The Reports VGC who printed what Grubb says.

The skeleton crew gets to pump this stuff up as fast and cheap as possible.

They’re doing this to get everyone to the new Battlefield as quickly as possible. The real core crew of Battlefield developers is already working on it.

But EA denies Grob’s allegations. Grubb himself posted a response from EA, in which the company described it among other things as “incorrect” and that an “important team” is working on improvement and development BF2042And that the dice itself is driving the action.

Battlefield 2042 – Season 1: Zero Hour Released as I said today. Dice promised three more seasons for the game, and one would come before fall. Unknown content in it yet.

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