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Drick öl och rädda haven samtidigt

Drink beer and save the oceans at the same time

Ocean Beer produces sustainable beer and uses all profits to clean up trash at sea. Now popular beer is coming to Sweden, reports Båtliv.

Ocean Beer wants people to be able to drink beer and save the world at the same time. The founders came up with the idea for Ocean Beer when they were browsing together and were deeply impressed with all the trash. Then the goal arose to produce good, sustainable beer to be able to fund cleaning at sea.

award winning

The beer is also award winning. This year, Ocean Lager Concours International in Lyon, Surfer IPA won the gold medal twice at Meininger’s International Craft Beer Awards. In addition to stock and IPA, there is also an alcohol-free alternative.

Ocean Beer has already been introduced in Portugal, UK and Spain. Now it comes to Sweden.

All profit for the sea

Carolina Manhausen Schwab is one of the ocean beers Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors Ocean Borne FoundationContributing organization.

“We are ramping up work to conserve and restore oceans. All profits from increased beer sales go to protecting and cleaning the oceans of plastic and other debris. With the increasing power of consumers, nearly everyone today can make smarter climate choices to contribute to a better society,” she says in a press release. Those who choose Ocean Beer are making an active choice for a better and cleaner marine environment.”

The beer is sustainably produced and is organic with natural ingredients.

“Do everything we can”

“Clean water is a critical issue for all of humanity. There are new reports almost every week of all the garbage that has plagued our seas. It is a challenge for everyone in Sweden, Europe and the world at large. Through Ocean Beer, we are doing everything we can to clean up and stop this development,” continues Manhausen Schwab.

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