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Dragon Quest XII is "Dragon Quest for adults", while the remake of the third is similar to Octopath

Dragon Quest XII is “Dragon Quest for adults”, while the remake of the third is similar to Octopath

A series of new and “new” Dragon Quest games has been revealed.

Today is exactly 35 years since the first Dragon adventure Released in Japan, this thing that Square Enix takes very seriously has taken root when they hold it Anniversary Stream Early this morning.

The biggest news, of course, is that you closed the door and opened it Dragon Quest XII: Flame of Destiny. The next numbered portion of the series has no history and no exposed formats. The above teaser mainly shows only the logo, but in Japanese we hear: “Why do people live?”. It definitely looks like a dark twist on the jrpg series, and Yuji Horii is calling the game “Mission of the Dragon for adults”.

We’ll have to choose how our players’ characters will live, and Square Enix promises that it will change the classic fighting system (too!). However, the drive system must remain.

Dragon Quest XII It was the broadcast title, but we also got a lot more:

  • Dragon Quest III – HD-2d– Recreate it with the same spirit Octopat Traveler. Unknown formats.

  • Dragon Quest X – Japan-exclusive online role-playing game gets new expansion and offline mode. Perhaps this will give the dream of releasing in the West a new life …?

  • Treasures of Dragon Quest – Spinoff as we explore Mia and Erik’s childhood years, known from Dragon Quest XI. In other words: another type of prequel Dragon Quest XI.

  • Dragon Quest Quiche Quiche – Free games and puzzle games for mobile device formats.

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