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Don’t miss: a stunning meteorite fall on the skin

Don’t miss: a stunning meteorite fall on the skin


On Friday night, you can see the increased activity of the annual Perseus meteor shower in the sky. The Perseids can be seen at night over the coming weekend and we’ve rounded up our best tips for those of you who want to experience the space phenomenon.

Perseids are remnants, like dust and pebbles, that Comet Swift-Tuttle left behind in space around Earth. Every year in mid-August, the Perseids deliver an amazing meteor shower into the sky. The greatest activity will be with over 60 meteors per hour on Sunday, August 13th.

Since the moon is waning, it is dark at night, making meteor showers easier to see. However, if it’s cloudy, it’s hard to see.

Top tips for seeing the Perseids

  • Go outdoors where there is as little light pollution and artificial light as possible.
  • The longer you observe the sky, the more meteors you can see.
  • It’s very relaxing to lie down and watch the shooting stars, so bring something to lie on.
  • The Perseids appear in the northern starry sky within the constellation Perseus. If you’re having trouble finding Perseus, SkyView Free is a good tip.

Facts / Perseids

The Perseids are dust and pebbles created by Comet Swift-Tuttle that is about 26 kilometers in diameter. The comet orbits the sun once every 133 years. In 2022, the comet passed through the inner solar system and we won’t see it again until 2126.

Photo: Freepik