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Donald Trump fans react after Biden’s speech

Washington, DC. Crane “Big Lie”.

During the anniversary of the storming of the Capitol, leading Republicans continued to spread conspiracy theories about what happened on January 6 and the presidential election.

Pro-Trump congressman Matt Gates believes the former president’s supporters have been duped.

“It seemed to be a trap,” he says immediately outside Congress.

The anniversary of the storm began with barbs from the president Joe Biden against Donald Trump.

Without naming him by name, he accused his predecessor of spreading a “web of lies” about the election, which led to angry Trump supporters storming the convention building.

He said: “They carried a dagger in the throat of American democracy.”

Trump immediately went to the counterattack. He claimed in a written statement that Biden is using Trump’s name to divide and polarize.

“It’s political theater to divert attention from his failures,” the former president wrote from his Florida home.

In Washington, there was a strong program during the memorial, with moments of remembrance on the steps of Congress and eyewitness accounts of members who fled for their lives during the storm.

Democratic members of Congress encouraged elements of the program, while senior Republicans were absent altogether.

Canceled at the last minute

The plan was for Donald Trump to hold a press conference at his luxurious Mar-a-lago residence, to talk about unfounded allegations of election fraud. But he canceled at the last minute and blamed it on “fake news media”.

In the Republican vacuum, Trump’s top defenders — Congressmen Matt Gates and Marjorie Taylor Green — stepped forward, holding a press conference as a “Republican reaction” to Biden’s speech and anniversary.

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“We’re here to expose the truth and ask key questions about the extent of the federal government’s involvement,” Gates began, standing at the exact spot where the mob first managed to cross the police line a year ago.

Democrats are trying to blame Trump supporters. But it may have been others who instigated, he continued.

Congressmen Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Green hold a press conference with the Capitol in the background.

Together with Taylor Green, he put forward several alternative explanations, highlighting some of the conspiracy theories that have become popular among Trump supporters: that the US Federal Police, the FBI, and left-wing extremists may have set a trap with incitement.

– January 6 wasn’t an uprising — but it might have been a “federal uprising” (an uprising initiated by the FBI), Gates says.

Marjorie Taylor Green agreed with Gates, and Biden removed.

I don’t just blame him, I blame every Democrat who only wants to give one account of the security breach at the Capitol. That is, blaming Trump, and claiming that this was a rebellion.

undercover agent

Their focus was on Ray Epps, whose name spread in right-wing circles for several months.
Initially, Epps was searched by the FBI, and identified as a member of the militia group Oath Keepers, according to Vice. But in July, his name was removed from the FBI’s website.

His removal, along with videos of him standing on the front lines of the uprising urging others to enter Congress, led to wild speculation that he was a secret agent who would destroy Trump supporters.

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A year into the storm, polls show Americans don’t agree on basic facts about the presidential election or January 6.

A third of the population still believes Joe Biden won through election fraud, even though Trump’s Department of Justice says there is absolutely no evidence.
The number is even higher among Republicans: 60-70% believe Trump actually won the election.

At the same time, a large proportion of Republicans in the novel believe that the storm was not a violent event, although 140 police officers were injured, the electoral process was halted and five people died.


More than 700 people have been formally charged with crimes, most of them Trump supporters who have admitted in many cases to having come to Washington, D.C. because of Donald Trump’s calls.

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz said he used to think January 6th was something the country had to move on from. That there are more important things to focus on.

Now he’s changed, and he claims that one should instead delve deeper into the plots that the FBI may have had a role in the game.

– We’ll go to the bottom with this. I think when the Republicans take over Congress again, that’s what the country can look forward to: tough questions, fair review and answers on January 6. Not the political theater that you see from the Democrats.