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Digital Foundry tests Playstation 5 with slim cooling elements

Digital Foundry tests Playstation 5 with slim cooling elements

“It looks a lot like the old one.”

Recently, YouTuber Austin Evans discovered that Sony has started sending out a new review of the PlayStation 5. When the cooling air was measured, it was just a few degrees warmer than it was on the old PS5, and when Evans unscrewed the controllers, it turned out that the cooling elements were reduced by 300g and that the copper was partially replaced by aluminum (which is cheaper but transmits less heat). This raised concerns that dieting could lead to heat problems.

Digital Foundry Now Gets a New PS5 Review, And Right Now took a deep dive in the question. They ran a notorious heavy party in monitoring For several hours he then measured power consumption and sound level. The upshot is that both PS5 revisions draw the same amount of power and sound in the same amount. It is interpreted to mean that the new variant does not get hotter; Had I done that, the cooling fan would have been spinning faster and looking more like.

However, Digital Foundry hasn’t opened the console and measured how hot the components are already under load, and neither does Evans. But they think Sony may have lost the cooling stuff when the console proved it could do so without affecting performance or anything else in the system. Microsoft cited as an example: the increased clock frequencies on the Xbox One when the cooling system proved it had room to withstand higher temperatures. DF is also studying the idea that the new cooling element and fan dissipate heat more efficiently than the original PS5.

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It all boils down to a crazy statement that “For now, the new machine appears to be very similar to the old machine in terms of actually using it.” […]”.

So it looks like we don’t have to be afraid to buy our new Playstation 5 review. If you get it. Sogin? Pre-booking will help you.