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Diana Baban appeals to followers: "Do not send videos of Ben's daughters"

Diana Baban appeals to followers: “Do not send videos of Ben’s daughters”

It was just over a month ago as a contestant on Ex On The Beach Diana Baban |And the 29-year-old agreed that she and the YouTuber Ben Mitkos, 26, after three years together they went their separate ways. But it was not all a joint decision.

Diana said it was Ben who chose to end it when he thought the couple had more of an amicable than a love affair. Then Ben came out in a video and said it was all because Diana “couldn’t handle his ADHD”.

In a video, Diana told how she feels after the breakup and then broke up. Image source: YouTube / Instagram

In the time since the breakup, Diana has frequently updated her followers that she is now wholeheartedly investing in self-care, getting back into herself, meditation, breathing exercises, working out, and spending more time hanging out with loved ones.

She has fixed herself a new apartment and life is back on track again – but daily life has been a bit turbulent for the past week as one and the other have fallen into her mailbox.

Diana Papin: ‘Stop Sending’

In one story, Diana now went out and told her followers about a sharp. This is after she received a series of videos of Ben dancing and hanging out with other girls. The videos you didn’t request.

– Hörrni, I have to talk to you now. I have a lot of questions about Ben. We don’t have a connection though I tried. I don’t want to see all the videos of him dancing with the girls and partying. Many of you have indicated that he is a sober person but now he’s starting to party and drink and yes, it sounds like that, but if that’s how he’s feeling good, he should,

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Ben is currently on a trip to Spain and has not commented on everything.