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Developing the life sciences sector in Stockholm

Developing the life sciences sector in Stockholm

Responsibility for regional development lies with the Stockholm District of Stockholm County, where the development of the life sciences sector is an important part of the growth in research and healthcare. Since 2019, there is a special life sciences strategy at the national level and since 2021 for the Stockholm region.

The task of the Stockholm region is to implement the government’s growth policy at the regional level and to develop the important life sciences sector, including the Smart Specialization Strategy (an EU-wide strategy that enhances the competitiveness of the regions by identifying and prioritizing areas with potential for growth).

The basic idea is that healthcare, research, and business have different roles and need to work together to solve societal challenges in health and healthcare.

The goal is for the Stockholm region to become one of the most important life sciences regions in the world and one of Europe’s five leading research regions by 2023.

A strategy with five strategic development areas

  • World-leading access to structured health and care process data
  • Healthcare and care available to collaborate with research, innovation and commercial collaboration
  • Precision medicine gives patients and residents access to high-accuracy diagnoses, individualized prevention and treatment
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration creates solutions to complex challenges
  • Life sciences companies conduct research, development and growth in the Stockholm region.