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Denmark to lift restrictions next week

Denmark to lift restrictions next week

Covid-19 will not be considered a socially serious disease in Denmark from 1 February.

From that date, almost all restrictions in the country will be lifted, Health Minister Magnus Heunick announced in an email to parliamentary parties, according to Danish reports. TV2.

The exception is the requirement to screen and isolate when some people enter, according to the government.

The state epidemiological committee has recommended that no further restrictions are needed after that date. This is because people do not become as seriously ill and need to be hospitalized, despite the high infection rates.

These include, for example, closing the nightlife, demanding epidemiological evidence and wearing a mouthguard.

Statistics from the Statins Serum Institute show that 918 people were admitted to Danish hospitals with COVID-19 on Tuesday. It is estimated that a third of them are hospitalized for a reason other than COVID-19.

Parties have until Friday to comment. In the past, they were in favor of lifting restrictions.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is expected to hold a press conference on the issue later on Wednesday.

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