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Denmark meets England in the European Championship - Danes are not allowed to enter

Denmark meets England in the European Championship – Danes are not allowed to enter

Jakob Moritsyn, 25, will witness Denmark’s semi-final match against England in the European Championship tonight.

When Denmark beat the Czech Republic and prepares for the semi-finals, he and some friends started a Facebook group “Danes Take London” to bring together Danes living in England.

However, it was difficult to find a place to collect them.

– We might have had contact with 20-30 bars, but no one wanted to let us in. We didn’t know what to do, says Jacob Moritzyn Dagbladet.

In a last desperate attempt, the Danes called the Vinegar Yard bar, which was full. But it turned out that she did nothing.

They drove the British out so we could come. It was very nice, we’ll be there 700 people until 5pm and then we go out and set up an early spot in the plaza.

Danes are not allowed to travel to England

Danes traveling to England must be quarantined for ten days.

“Hopefully, Boris Johnson (Prime Minister of England) will wake up and give us thousands of Danish fans,” said Denmark’s captain Kasper Hjolmand when the team went to the semi-finals.

However, Hjolmand’s appeal did not help, and tickets for the Danes at Wembley were only sold out on Wednesday.

When it is closed to the Danes from Denmark, we who live here must step up and join forces. Jacob Moritsyn says the national team deserves the best possible support against several thousand English fans Dr.

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