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'Definitely sees more cases'

‘Definitely sees more cases’

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The Swedish Public Health Agency has observed an increase in the number of swine fever cases, particularly in Västerbotten but also in Västernorrland, Norrbotten, Jämtland and Dalarna, according to a TT report. The cases are not very many yet, but the presence of a large amount of forest mice means that there is a high risk of outbreaks.

The authority compares the current situation to the outbreak of the disease 15 years ago. As in 2006/2007, there was a slight increase before Christmas followed by a larger increase after the new year, says Marika Hjertqvist, a biologist and epidemiologist at the Swedish Public Health Agency.

So far, 67 cases have been reported in December, compared to December 2006, when 70 were reported. There may be a delay of two to three weeks in preparing the reports.

Hjertqvist points out that it is still difficult to know how the spread will develop and that it may be due to the weather. If the snow melts away, there is a risk that more mice will seek shelter indoors and so the risk of exposure to humans increases, TT writes.

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