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Deep Rock Galactic gained 6 million new players in one week

Deep Rock Galactic gained 6 million new players in one week

It may have something to do with the fact that the game is now available on Playstation Plus.

Six new games become available Early last week on Playstation Plus, and one of them was Deep Rock Galactic – Co-op game where you descend as a group of dwarves to the depths to find treasures and adapt to different dangers.

And apparently it was something of a success, because in a press release (via RESTERADeveloper Ghost Ship Games and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing wrote that the game gained over six million new players in just one week. Since the game already has about four million players, that means they have crossed the magic limit of ten million players.

Moreover, they say that 2021 was a really good year for the game, with most of the awards and milestones achieved in sales. They have also added a free Battle Pass with 100 different levels that you can unlock to access cosmetic items and more.

This also came with a brand new game mode called Industrial Sabotage, where the goal is to dig into a data vault belonging to rival bots, and then escape with the information stored in it.

Don’t miss the swing Miner visa which was released in connection with the release of the game on Playstation.

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