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Dead cells corrected to be more beginner friendly

Dead cells corrected to be more beginner friendly

But without overcoming the challenge of the rest.

Practice Makes Perfect is the name of the latest roguelite PC and console update dead cells. There are no new weapons or similar content, but instead they focused on making the game easier for beginners to get into.

This resulted in a door opening at the start of the match leading to a training area. There you can practice fighting against all the different enemies, including the bosses, that you have already met in the game to test the tactics and get the timing.

Furthermore, Aspects is a new set of very powerful buffers. We can choose one of them at the beginning of the round to make it easier to access new areas and see more of the game. However, you cannot unlock new boss cells or achieve achievements to beat bosses without taking damage.

We also get a map of the world that shows all the areas we’ve visited and how they relate to each other, plus a few minor changes:

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  • Reminder after killing a king’s hand to use Homonculus rune to exit the race (except for 5BC or after the first 0BC kill). No more panic posts to answer for me, woohoo!

  • The total damage change is now displayed when picking up the stats from the scroll, time to retire the calculator…

  • Incentive (cell drop curve) to select least-visited biomes. Yes, it’s time to go back to [insert your most hated biome here].

  • Bounce stones now transport you outside the nearby Z-door.

  • Some tales that hint at something to come in the near future, found in High Peak Castle and Undying Shores.

  • Multilink has now been properly removed from normal mode and is available in custom mode.

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