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Cyclist Janering won the second bronze

Cyclist Janering won the second bronze

– We are so happy after doing this together and will be excited to meet Anna (Peck) after Friday. We are very tight on the national team, Jennering tells SVT Sport and says it burned well in the legs when they crossed the finish line.

Along with Sweden, Great Britain and Ireland, the F1 track came loose before the finish line on the Fuji International Speedway and deceived each other.

The heavier gear had to go upwards

– We had a technical problem, it could not turn the front plate upwards, it was the same on every lap, and we had to go into heavier gear and get sour legs. It was very close to Friday, says Anna Swartstrom and tells of the unexpected demand when the Swedish pair drilled into the lead.

– The Irish women told me to take it up a little quieter, Swartstrom smiled.

At the entrance to the highway, Irish woman Katie-George Dunlevy received a dangerous gold of 2.35.53 in fog and rain. Jennings picked up British Sophie Anvin, but never passed, having to tackle the bronze after seven seconds in the lead.

Thus, Sweden won the seventh medal and completed the overall medal goal before the game in Tokyo.

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