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Criticism of the government: Accused of cheating

Criticism of the government: Accused of cheating

Criticism of the government: Accused of cheating

On Monday evening, the Social Democrats announced they were not in NATO. News that meets harsh criticism.

– Finance Minister Michael Tamberg (S) told The Express after an extraordinary meeting of the party committee that the government’s line on security policy was firm and that we had not changed our minds, but that it was good that issues were being discussed.

Get support

The Finance Minister stressed that Sweden would be supported by other countries in the crisis – citing the United Kingdom as an example:

“Sweden is not a military force, but we have good cooperation and many countries have said they will support Sweden in the event of a crisis, for example the United Kingdom,” he said.

The report now faces harsh criticism from two big names within the moderates.

Accused of cheating

– From a government that has difficulty dealing with the NATO issue, a cycle indicates that UK security guarantees are adequate. It’s not even an illusion, just a hoax, the UK can promise to help Ukraine, but not anymore, which is why the UK is part of NATO, writes former MN member Gunner Huckmark on Twitter.

Former Secretary of State Carl Bildt (M) tweeted for a similar reason.

A free imagination

– I notice several speeches in the discussion on possible security guarantees for Sweden as well. One should know that ministers come and go, but deals really do exist. Writes that it only applies to such contexts.

In an earlier post, Carl Bildt called the idea of ​​Britain devoting itself to defending Sweden with “its nuclear weapons” “free imagination”.

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The background to Mikael Damberg’s reference to the UK’s security promise was a statement issued by British Defense Minister Ben Wallace at a press conference last Friday after a military exercise between the defense ministers of Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Asked how Britain would react if Sweden was attacked by Russia, he responded to TT:

– It is unthinkable that the UK will not support Sweden. Sweden belonged to the same family. We will stand behind Sweden and do everything we can to support it militarily and in other ways.


Thus there are two views on Ben Wallace’s statement.

Jonas Olsson, a longtime correspondent at SVT Nyheter, stressed in an article that Wallace’s statement could be compared to an “official security guarantee from the UK”.

Carl Bildt (M) calls it “free imagination”.

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