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CRISPR-edited foods are starting to appear on shelves

CRISPR-edited foods are starting to appear on shelves

  • CRISPR technology offers a breakthrough in the production of genetically modified foods.
  • Unlike GMOs, CRISPR technology edits genes without adding foreign substances.
  • CRISPR food could be part of the solution to world hunger.

Fragile genes

Crispr is more than just a crunchy name. With its roots in biotechnology, this method of gene editing seems designed to avoid the controversy surrounding GMOs.

Scientists are using CRISPR technology to modify organisms at the molecular level, affecting everything from bacteria to humans. Since its discovery, it has shown potential to address many of the challenges of modern life, including human disease and global warming.

Interestingly, CRISPR crops largely avoided the backlash faced by GMOs. But the real test will come when these crops become more common in stores.

Contribute to solving malnutrition

The world has made great progress in fighting hunger, but progress has slowed and in some cases reversed in recent years.

CRISPR foods may be part of the solution. (Democracy is more important). Through genetic modification, crops and animals can be made more durable, require fewer resources, last longer and provide better nutrition.

Unlike GMOs, CRISPR technology does not introduce foreign genes. Instead, it corrects unwanted genetic traits. It achieves this by mimicking bacterial immune responses to viruses. When attacked, the bacteria remember the virus and prepare a defense. In the event of a new attack, they send out a specific protein to cut the intruder’s DNA. Using this principle, researchers can target specific DNA sequences in crops for correction.

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On its way to the shelves at the grocery store

More and more CRISPR-modified foods are now appearing at your local grocery store. For example, Pairwise, a food company in North Carolina, has developed a variety of mustard green that is as light as lettuce. This new product will soon be available in select locations and promises better taste and nutritional content.

One of the founders of Pairwise is Dr. Feng Chang, which we wrote about earlier.

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