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Creative Assembly is now the UK's largest developer -

Creative Assembly is now the UK’s largest developer –

You might think it was Rockstar, Playground or Codemasters, which is the biggest game developer in the UK, but it really isn’t. Instead, the Total War Developers Creative Assembly is the largest in the whole of England. Now we know that thanks for one thing News release, Where they also reveal that they have opened a new studio.

More specifically, it is located in West Sussex and has special features for motion capture recordings, which the studio often does not use in total war titles. In total, they now have more than 800 permanent positions in the UK, making them the largest in the country. They seem to have a healthy work environment and are getting rid of the “crisis” according to their own information. Chief Gareth Edmanson comments:

“We have a fantastic reputation for being one of the best game developers to work with our positive attitude to work-life balance. I would love to continue to build on this and see the end of the traditional 9-5 office work model. If we want to maximize the benefits of long-distance work, we recognize that there is no virtual alternative to personal creative collaboration, so we will redesign our work rhythm and our environment to focus on creativity and innovation while we are in the office. “

What do you think of Creative Assembly as a developer?

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