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Covid-19 vaccination: the lowest and highest in the country

Here are the bottom and top of the country



The rate of vaccination still varies greatly across countries.

One district vaccinated 65 percent of its population, and nearly a third of the other region was able to book its first injection, according to SVT Västernorrland reports.

In spite of that, it does sound good for Sweden when it comes to getting vaccinated, says Emma Plumber of SKR.

We are in good shape because we vaccinated 44 percent of the population with the first dose, she tells SVT.

As Aftonbladet previously reported, there is great variation in the vaccination rate in the country.

Vaccination has reached the furthest point with vaccination – 65 percent received a first injection. In Gothenburg, which is located below, only 30 percent received their first injection. They are reports SVT Västernorrland.

Most areas of the country have opened up to Stage 4, but not all. Kalmar and Gaffleburg were among the first areas to open for the final phase of the vaccine, and already in May, many people over the age of 60 could get their first injection there, according to SVT reports.

Meanwhile, Västernorrland and Östergötland have opened time reservations for Stage 4 only this week. Emma Plumber, SKR’s head of Medicare and Medicaid, tells SVT that regions have chosen to work in different ways with grafting.

– Some areas have chosen to work on a larger scale with the vaccines of the high-risk group, so they will stay and vaccinate in Phase III for a much longer period, she says.

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Age groups influence the rate of vaccination

It also says some areas have an older population than others, which could play a role as well. On the one hand, it affects the number of people who are vaccinated at the same time, and on the other hand, it can affect how easily areas can reach the people who will be vaccinated.

Among other things, Västernorrland previously told Aftonbladet that they were prioritizing giving people in Phase 3 their second dose, before they opened for Phase 4.

Many have been vaccinated in the country

However, Emma Plumber disagrees that this would be an unfair situation for areas with more residents. Just because some regions have barely started stage 4 does not mean they have vaccinated fewer people.

The fact that we vaccinated both in stage three in some places and stage four in others does not indicate that people are different or were vaccinated differently, she tells SVT.

However, the availability of the vaccine plays a role in how advanced the vaccination is. So far, 44 percent of the population has received their first dose, and according to Emma Plumber, that means they’re affordable in Sweden.
Although she is very different when it comes to vaccination coverage and which age groups have been vaccinated so far, Emma Plumber believes Sweden has come a long way in vaccination. So far, 44 percent of the country’s population has received their first dose.


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