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Corona provides relief to England as of today



From today, the English can have a beer and go back to the hairdresser.

Some restrictions have been relaxed in the UK, Wales and Northern Ireland – but not all.

– Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that I will go to the pub myself and slowly but surely raise a pint to my lips.

As of today, some coronary restrictions in the UK are being relaxed, nearly 40 million vaccine doses have been distributed, and the COVID-19 infection and death rates are declining.

This includes pubs and restaurants where guests can open and serve outside. That rule applies until May 17, when the next phase of community opening is planned.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already announced he will be having a beer.

“I would go to the pub myself and slowly but surely lift a pint to my lips without changing,” Johnson said last week.

Enjoy freedom – but beware of dangers is the message of the Prime Minister.

Hairdressers and gyms are also allowed to open, and Johnson has actually said that even a haircut season may be needed for his own area in the future.

For the first time in months, the English can go shopping again.

Photo: Kirsty Wicklesworth / DT News Agency

For the first time in months, the English can go shopping again.

Photo: Alastair Grant / DT News Agency

Now restaurants and pubs can dine outdoors.

Gets driving training

It is the green light for shops that sell items such as zoos and amusement parks, such as libraries and outdoor facilities.

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Children can also participate in indoor activities such as sports events, and parents and children can meet indoors in groups of up to 15 people.

In addition, those wishing to take driving lessons may do so now, but no driving tests will be required until April 22. Sky News writes.

Some relief is also taking place today in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Outside of wedding receptions

Wales also opens stores that sell items that are not considered important. In addition, travel to the UK and other parts of Ireland will provide some relief.

Students in Wales are also allowed to return to on-site teaching in schools, and driving lessons are allowed, although the driving test rule is the same as in the UK – it is not allowed until April 22.

Wedding receptions outside Wales are not allowed until April 26, but a maximum of 30 people.

In the case of Northern Ireland, up to ten people from a maximum of two homes can now meet outside, for example, in their own garden. There, students can also return to on-site teaching and open stores that do not sell vital items.

In addition, up to 15 coaches are included, who can participate in sports activities. However, Sky News writes that the activities must take place either through clubs or in another organized way.

Regional rules will be reviewed on April 15.

“Stay in the county”

In Scotland it looks a little different. There, the rule for staying has already been changed by the “Stay Local” rule. Residents can meet in groups of four from two houses outside. Children between the ages of 12 and 17 can meet outside, but there can be a maximum of four from four different homes.

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Many restrictions are still in place, but stores with non-essential items were allowed to open from Monday, April 5th. This applies to hair salons and more, and students have already returned to increased on-site training.

Scotland’s next phase of relief is scheduled for April 26.

Photo: Frank Austin / DT News Agency

Hairdressers are also allowed to stay open.

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