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Consultation in Folketing on Danish nuclear energy – Øresund News Sweden

Consultation in Folketing on Danish nuclear energy – Øresund News Sweden

In 1985, the Danish Parliament decided that nuclear energy should not be part of the Danish energy system. Hence, Thursday’s open consultation in the Danish Parliament’s Climate, Energy and Supply Committee on nuclear energy in Denmark was a major event. According to an opinion poll, today there is a majority of the population in favor of an investigation into nuclear energy in Denmark at the same time that many Danish companies are developing new modern nuclear power reactors.

In calling for consultation on nuclear energy Folketenget writes: “However, new technology challenges conventional nuclear power as we know it today, and a September 2023 survey conducted by Epinion among 1,056 Danish representatives shows that 55 percent support an investigation into nuclear power in Denmark, while 26 percent say no and 19 percent support an investigation In nuclear power in Denmark. Reply I don’t know. Meanwhile, a number of countries neighboring Denmark, including Sweden and Great Britain, are moving towards more nuclear power, while others, including Germany, have chosen to close their nuclear power plants “The purpose of this consultation is to shed light on the types of nuclear energy that exist today and how far we have come in developing new nuclear energy technology. What are the possibilities and what are the challenges.”

In the Danish business community, there are already several companies developing new reactors. Copenhagen Atomics has moved its operations from Søborg to Amager and is looking for it Power supply One billion dollars to build ten commercial nuclear reactors. Since 2013, the company has been working on developing a molten salt thorium reactor.
Kärnfull is another Danish company, based in Aarhus, developing new reports for a nuclear power plant. Power supply.
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